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2.D Moleculaire Diagnostiek

Medical microbiology and molecular technologies are linked intensively in diagnostics. The detection of micro-organisms has been made a major step forward with the implementation of real-time amplification and sequence based epidemiology. New viruses and bacteria have been detected during the last two decades and detection strategies have been developed.

Molecular detection is of importance during the first onset of disease and in some patient groups, like transplant patients, this has a major impact. Since the UMCG is the largest transplant center in the Netherlands (both for children and adults), the detection of e.g. viruses for this group has a great interest. Not only the herpesvirus group, but in general all respiratory viruses and gastro-enteric viruses are of clinical importance. Additional clinical attention and research is focused around the hepatitis E viruses and the polymaviruses (BK and JC) in the immune suppressed population.

The molecular diagnostic unit of the department has the possibility to detect almost any target with a short turn-around time. Although viruses are the largest in numbers, the detection of non-viral targets is growing rapidly. The unit has several large scale automated systems from extraction to detection, all linked with an in-house developed MiddleWare solution, called Flow Groningen or FlowG. This MiddleWare solution is being developed together with Labhelp. Furthermore, a sequence facility is embedded to enable to detect and characterize a growing number of targets with a short turn-around time; this enables us make this information also clinically relevant.

Quality Control of molecular technologies is of great importance, as for all diagnostics. For this part, an intensive working relation has been present for a long period with QCMD (Quality Control of Molecular Diagnostics, Glasgow


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