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The research at the UMCG is done under the common umbrella of the Healthy Ageing programme. Here lies the strength of our department. We have the tradition and responsibility to understand the nature of the microorganisms in the emergence of infectious diseases. We then use a wide range of fundamental, applied and clinical research for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases to improve. In an ageing society with more older people and more people with a weak immune system, innovative research for the prevention of infections and research on new and diagnostic methods and treatment possibilities is necessary.

Here are PIs from independent research group working together. Currently, the following Research Groups active:

For the coordination of the research groups, there is the Research Management Team, comprising all PI’s of the department.

Microbes in Health and Disease

Coordination: prof. dr. J.M. van Dijl, prof. dr. A. W. Friedrich

The research in our department is focused within the research programme “Microbes in Health and Disease” (MHD).

The mission of the 'Microbes in Health and Disease' (MHD) programme is to perform fundamental, translational, and clinical application-oriented research on the detrimental and beneficial roles of microorganisms in human health and disease.

The main aims are:


MT Research

Het MT Research is het centrale bestuurorgaan van de onderzoeksgroepen van de afdeling.

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